October 13

dig and dig for ore //
but life’s no victory point //
and you’re no robber


October 6

giants, might be (they) //
actual size on a stage //
(and everywhere else)

September 29

rocks are always hard //
a person, we think, can change //
both will stub your toe

September 22

fusing two ideas //
in a unified vision //
try brain surgery

September 15

let legs be tired //
leave the high hurdles unjumped //
leap the blade of grass

September 8

caffeine drives the world \\
clowncar of antsy Bozos \\
jittering onward

September 1

skimming on a cloud //
pathway to great turbulence //
and murmurs of prayer

August 25

internet footprints //
like wandering through moon dust //
no wind will erase

August 18

wilting in the sun // 
if tomorrow never blooms // 
I still have my roots

August 11

anything you want // 
you can afford it… no joke! //
just want the right things

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